The Independence Day

INDIA is celebrating its 75th Independence Day as AZADI KA AMRIT MOHOTSAV.As its our Independence and every Indian feels very special on this day. We celebrate this day with Flag Hoisting ,Parade, Singing out our National Anthem with patriotic song, speech, distribution of sweets and so on. But this year is little special The Central government has also launched Har Ghar Tiranga campaign from 13th to 15 August. Now every Indian is so excited to hoist their National Flag at their house. So this time we will see more creativity to celebrate our National Festival. To help you more there are some ideas to decorate and celebrate the Very Special day with your family and colleagues.
Decorate your office and home :-
You can made simple crafts with the help of the children at home or colleagues at your office and decorate them .This will help them to be unite and will make strong connection with the departments also boost up the creativity around.

Tri colour craft

Attend the celebration in your society and neighborhood:-
You with your family can attend the celebration in your society and you can have singing competition, speeches, painting completion as scheduled for three days. And you can distribute small gifts according to the performances on 15th aug.

Read books or watch patriotic movie

If you love reading or not?what better day to start reading than Independence Day…you can read books like
Vivekanand, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Subhas Chandra Bose, Chandra Shekhar Azad ,Bhagat Singh ,Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Freedom at midnight by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapieree
India after Gandhi by Ramachandra Guha
India wins Freedom the complete version by Abul kalam Azad
A Flag ,A Song,and a pinch of Salt by Subhadra Sen Gupta

If you don’t have any plans to read just sit in front of the TV set and you can have many movies which shows the real struggle of our freedom fighters and battle of wining the ultimate Independence. You can watch movie like border,Bhagat Singh , mulk, lagan ,rang de basanti ,mother India, shaheed and so on.

Things will make a difference:-

Go to orphanage/old age home :-
If you will do good to others the good luck will be their with you as their blessing .You can celebrate this extremely beautiful day by distributing some food to the unprivileged people so you can feel the real happiness of good work and the feeling of to be true Indian .

Plant a tree:-
I personally love to plant tree ,they improve air & absorb toxic chemicals ,give a beautiful ambiance you will give shelter to the birds so on……for me planting a TREE is must on every occasion.



Plan a trip in a different way:-
India is known for its village life .so plan a trip to the near by village live the real India with the rustic essence. Eat food on floor on a pattal ,watch the green field with the farmers, feed the animals like buffalo ,goat ,cattle and breath the fresh AIR….



Give flowers to the ARMY OFFICERS and POLICEMAN:-
We are living in our homes safely .An armed forces personnel goes out of his way and is ready is lay down his life for the citizen of his if you get any chance that you can show respect to them please do so..

Take oath:-
Take an oath that you will never waste food and water, never think that some one is inferior or some work is inferior ,always pray for peace with in you and within your Country and the World ,Try to help when you can really help and with the power say it to the world that

                                         I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN


A perfect Week End

Do you also wait for the weekend ? Waiting eagerly for Saturday and Sunday .. You work  so hard so you can spend your time with yourself and with your dear one. But weekends are like sand in your hand .oops the day starts like you start cleaning home ,washing clothes etc . So where is the perfect weekend? Oh! My dream weekend which was their in my thoughts full week and nothing happened.


If you are suffering with the same problem   here are some tips to help you out…taddaaaa!!!!!

1. Book an appointment

You can book a ticket  using  the site like book my show and others to attend  events near by you so you can enjoy yourself and you can spare yourself dragging into regular routine work.

2. The bucket list

If you remember to do something on the weekend just write it in your bucket list so their will be no confusion  and you will do the things at least you planned.

3. Its your MEE time

Enjoy eating, reading, watching tv, listening to music and just relax.

4. Its your knowledge time

Take  some online classes to increase your knowledge for better future.

5. U will also like

If you are busy Monday to Friday with regular office, school or college you can also spend your time with your parents (love to talk to them)

Go on walk with your friends it will definitely charge you up

You can also spend time for your fitness at home like few exercises  ,yoga and catch up with peace with some meditation.
If you have pets spend your time with your pet.

Play some online games and indulged your self in some gaming mood .but but but only for few hours.E

Everyone requires a pause to re- energize.People are working non stop,and as a result, they are utterly missing on the precious moments that life has to offer.So we don’t have to rush all of the time ;instead ,we may take a pause and rest.



Devi kavach aol

॥अथ श्री देव्याः कवचम ्॥
ॐ अस्य श्रीचण्डीकवचस्य ब्रह्मा ऋष िः, अनुष्टुप्छन्दिः,
चामुण्डा देवता, अङ्गन्यासोक्तमातरो बीजम्, ददग्बन्धदेवतास्तत्त्वम्,
श्रीजगदम्बाप्रीत्यर्थेसप्तशतीपाठाङ्गत्वेन जपेषवननयोगिः।
ॐ नमश्‍चण्ण्डकायै॥
माकक ण्डेय उवाच
ॐ यद‍गुह्यंपरमंलोके सवकरक्षाकरं नणृ ाम।्
यन्न कस्यचचदाख्यातंतन्मेब्रूदि षपतामि॥१॥
अण्स्त गुह्यतमंषवप्र सवकभतू ोपकारकम।्
देव्यास्तुकवचं पुण्यंतच्छृणुष्व मिामुने॥२॥
प्रर्थमं शैलपुत्री च दषवतीयंब्रह्मचाररणी।
ततृ ीयं चन्रघण्टेनत कूष्माण्डेनत चतुर्थककम्॥३॥
पञ्चमं स्कन्दमातेनत ष्ठं कात्यायनीनत च।
सप्तमंकालरात्रीनत मिागौरीनत चाष्टमम्॥४॥
नवमंससदचधदात्री च नवदगु ाकिः प्रकीनतकतािः।
उक्तान्येतानन नामानन ब्रह्मणैव मिात्मना॥५॥
अण्ग्नना दह्यमानस्तुशत्रुमध्येगतो रणे।
षव मेदगु कमेचैव भयाताकिः शरणंगतािः॥६॥
न ते ांजायतेककंचचदशुभं रणसंकटे।
नापदं तस्य पश्यासम शोकदिःुखभयंन दि॥७॥
यैस्तुभक्त्या स्मतृ ा नूनंते ां वदृचधिः प्रजायते।
येत्वां स्मरण्न्त देवेसश रक्षसेतान्न संशयिः॥८॥
प्रेतसंस्र्था तुचामुण्डा वारािी मदि ासना।
ऐन्री गजसमारुढा वैष्णवी गरुडासना॥९॥
मािेश्‍वरी व ृारुढा कौमारी सशखखवािना।
लक्षमीिः पदमासना देवी पदमिस्ता िररषप्रया॥१०॥
श्‍वेतरुपधरा देवी ईश्‍वरी व ृ वािना।
ब्राह्मी िंससमारुढा सवाकभरणभूष ता॥११॥
इत्येता मातरिः सवाकिः सवकयोगसमण्न्वतािः।
नानाभरणशोभाढ्या नानारत्नोपशोसभतािः॥१२॥
दृश्यन्तेरर्थमारुढा देव्यिः क्रोधसमाकुलािः।
शङ्खं चक्रं गदां शण्क्तं िलं च मुसलायुधम॥् १३॥
खेटकं तोमरं चैव परशुंपाशमेव च।
कुन्तायुधंत्रत्रशूलं च शाङ्कगमायुधमुत्तमम॥् १४॥

दैत्यानां देिनाशाय भक्तानामभयाय च।
धारयन्त्यायुधानीत्र्थं देवानां च दिताय वै॥१५॥
त्रादि मां देषव दष्ुप्रेक्षयेशत्रूणां भयवचधकनन।
प्राच्यां रक्षतुमामैन्री आग्नेय्यामण्ग्नदेवता॥१७॥
दक्षक्षणेऽवतुवारािी नैऋक त्यां खड्गधाररणी।
प्रतीच्यां वारुणी रक्षेद वायव्यां मगृ वादिनी॥१८॥
उदीच्यांपातुकौमारी ऐशान्यांशूलधाररणी।
ऊध्वंब्रह्माखण मेरक्षेदधस्ताद वैष्णवी तर्था॥१९॥
एवं दश ददशो रक्षेच्चामुण्डा शववािना।
जया मेचाग्रतिः पातुषवजया पातुपष्ृठतिः॥२०॥
अण्जता वामपाश्वेतुदक्षक्षणेचापराण्जता।
सशखामुदयोनतनन रक्षेदमु ा मूण्ध्नकव्यवण्स्र्थता॥२१॥
मालाधरी ललाटेच भ्रुवौ रक्षेद यशण्स्वनी।
त्रत्रनेत्रा च भ्रुवोमकध्येयमघण्टा च नाससके ॥२२॥
शङ्खखनी चक्षु ोमकध्येश्रोत्रयोदकवारवाससनी।
कपोलौ कासलका रक्षेत्कणकमूलेतुशांकरी॥२३॥
नाससकायां सुगन्धा च उत्तरोष्ठेच चचचकका।
अधरेचामतृ कला ण्जह्वायां च सरस्वती॥२४॥
दन्तान्रक्षतुकौमारी कण्ठदेशेतुचण्ण्डका।
घण्ण्टकांचचत्रघण्टा च मिामाया च तालुके ॥२५॥
कामाक्षी चचबुकं रक्षेद वाचं मेसवकमङ्गला।
ग्रीवायां भरकाली च पष्ृठवंशेधनुधकरी॥२६॥
नीलग्रीवा बदििःकण्ठेनसलकांनलकूबरी।
स्कन्धयोिः खङ्ङ्‍गनी रक्षेद बािूमेवज्रधाररणी॥२७॥
िस्तयोदकण्ण्डनी रक्षेदण्म्बका चाङ्गुली ुच।
नखाञ्छूलेश्वरी रक्षेत्कुक्षौ रक्षेत्कुलेश्वरी॥२८॥
स्तनौ रक्षेन्मिादेवी मनिः शोकषवनासशनी।
हृदयेलसलता देवी उदरेशूलधाररणी॥२९॥
नाभौ च कासमनी रक्षेद गुह्यंगुह्येश्वरी तर्था।
पूतना कासमका मेढ्रं गुदेमदि वादिनी ॥३०॥
कटयां भगवती रक्षेज्जानुनी षवन्ध्यवाससनी।
जङ्घेमिाबला रक्षेत्सवककामप्रदानयनी ॥३१॥
गुल्फयोनाकरससिं ी च पादपष्ृठेतुतैजसी।
पादाङ्गुली ुश्री रक्षेत्पादाधस्तलवाससनी॥३२॥

नखान्दंष्राकराली च के शांश्‍चैवोध्वकके सशनी।
रोमकूप े ुकौबेरी त्वचंवागीश्‍वरी तर्था॥३३॥
रक्तमज्जावसामांसान्यण्स्र्थमेदांसस पावकती।
अन्त्राखण कालरात्रत्रश्‍च षपत्तं च मुकुटेश्वरी॥३४॥
पदमावती पदमकोशेकफे चूडामखणस्तर्था।
ज्वालामुखी नखज्वालामभेदया सवकसंचध ु॥३५॥
शुक्रं ब्रह्माखण मेरक्षेच्छायांछत्रेश्‍वरी तर्था।
अिंकारं मनो बुदचधंरक्षेन्मेधमकधाररणी॥३६॥
प्राणापानौ तर्था व्यानमुदानं च समानकम्।
वज्रिस्ता च मेरक्षेत्प्राणंकल्याणशोभना॥३७॥
रसेरुपेच गन्धेच शब्देस्पशेच योचगनी।
सत्त्वं रजस्तमश्‍चैव रक्षेन्नारायणी सदा॥३८॥
आयूरक्षतुवारािी धमंरक्षतुवैष्णवी।
यशिः कीनतंच लक्षमींच धनंषवदयां च चकक्रणी॥३९॥
गोत्रसमन्राखण मेरक्षेत्पशून्मेरक्ष चण्ण्डके ।
पन्र्थानं सुपर्था रक्षेन्मागंक्षेमकरी तर्था।
राजदवारेमिालक्षमीषवकजया सवकतिः ण्स्र्थता॥४१॥
रक्षािीनंतुयत्स्र्थानंवण्जकतंकवचेन तु।
तत्सवंरक्ष मेदेषव जयन्ती पापनासशनी॥४२॥
पदमेकं न गच्छेत्तुयदीच्छेच्छुभमात्मनिः।
कवचेनावतृ ो ननत्यंयत्र यत्रैव गच्छनत॥४३॥
तत्र तत्रार्थकलाभश्‍च षवजयिः सावककासमकिः।
यंयंचचन्तयतेकामंतंतंप्राप्नोनत ननण्श्‍चतम्।
परमैश्‍वयकमतुलंप्राप्स्यतेभूतलेपमु ान॥् ४४॥
ननभकयो जायतेमत्यकिः संग्रामेष्वपराण्जतिः।
त्रैलोक्येतुभवेत्पूज्यिः कवचेनावतृ िः पुमान॥् ४५॥
इदं तुदेव्यािः कवचं देवानामषप दलु कभम्।
यिः पठेत्प्रयतो ननत्यंत्रत्रसन्ध्यं श्रदधयाण्न्वतिः॥४६॥
दैवी कला भवेत्तस्य त्रैलोक्येष्वपराण्जतिः।
जीवेद व कशतंसाग्रमपमत्ृयुषववण्जकतिः। ४७॥
नश्यण्न्त व्याधयिः सवेलूताषवस्फोटकादयिः।
स्र्थावरं जङ्गमं चैव कृत्रत्रमं चाषप यदषव म्॥४८॥
असभचाराखण सवाकखण मन्त्रयन्त्राखण भूतले।
भूचरािः खेचराश्‍चैव जलजाश्‍चोपदेसशकािः॥४९॥

सिजा कुलजा माला डाककनी शाककनी तर्था।
अन्तररक्षचरा घोरा डाककन्यश्‍च मिाबलािः॥५०॥
ग्रिभूतषपशाचाश्च यक्षगन्धवकराक्षसािः।
ब्रह्मराक्षसवेतालािः कूष्माण्डा भैरवादयिः ॥५१॥
नश्यण्न्त दशकनात्तस्य कवचेहृदद संण्स्र्थते।
मानोन्ननतभकवेद राज्ञस्तेजोवदृचधकरं परम्॥५२॥
यशसा वधकतेसोऽषप कीनतमक ण्ण्डतभूतले।
जपेत्सप्तशतींचण्डींकृत्वा तुकवचंपरुा॥५३॥
यावदभूमण्डलं धत्तेसशैलवनकाननम्।
तावषत्तष्ठनत मेददन्यां संतनतिः पुत्रपौत्रत्रकी॥५४॥
देिान्तेपरमंस्र्थानंयत्सुरैरषप दलु कभम।्
प्राप्नोनत पुरु ो ननत्यं मिामायाप्रसादतिः॥५५॥
लभतेपरमं रुपंसशवेन सि मोदते॥ॐ॥५६॥
इनत देव्यािः कवचं सम्पूणकम


What is Makar Sankranti

_*-Vitamin D is made by the body with sunlight.*_
_*-Sesame seeds (til) have the highest calcium (975mg per 100g). Milk has 125mg only.*_
_*-the body is capable of storing vitamin D up to a year, and use the reserves.*_
_*-lastly, the body is capable of getting its viatmin D reserves full with 3 full days of sunlight.*_
_*-the best quality of sunlight is end of winter & beginning of summer.*_

_*Now join the dots, and see how wise our sages were of ancient India. They created a festival of flying kites, Makar Sankranti where by our kids get excited to go in the open, under direct sunlight, throughout the day starting from early morning. And their mothers feed them homemade TIL Laddoos.*_

_*Are we not a fantastic culture*_

*” _Wish you all a Very Happy Makar Sankrant_ “* 💐💐💐💐

Covid 19 reopening Bar checklist

Covid 19 Points for Reopening Bar

Before entering the bar…..

1. All guest must sanitize their hands and thermal temperature should be taken with details like name and phone number.
2. A QR should be created, so that guest can select their choice of Drinks and snacks
3. No self service should be encouraged all the high sitting stools to be removed near the bar counter.
: At the bar

1. Either all cutleries and glassware should be replaced with eco friendly and bio decomposed paper.
2. If not all glassware , cutleries should be washed at 180 degree farhenite to kill the bacteria’s
3. Accompaniments like tomato ketchup should be available in sachets
4. Mixers like water, soda and cold drinks should be available at self disposing glasses
5. Limited choice of food and pre-plated food should be served to guest
6. All sitting areas inside the bar should be converted into standing tables ( less guest prefer standing)
7. All sitting areas should be moved to outside venues
8. No live performance of artist
9. Only two guest should be permitted at the Bar counter with proper marking.
10. Bar tender will sanitize the counter top using Pure or Oxivir or other standardized sanitizing materials
11. Minimum employees in the bar as well if it becomes necessary to clear the table, bar staff will wear proper PPE with mask ,shield and gloves.
12. Mask has to changed every two hours(not necessary)
13. Gloves after every service or clearing of tables
14. All garbage would be separated according to following: Yellow bins for food Blue for paper, plastic and unused cutleries( if we go with the options of bio degradable )Red for all empty bottles
15. Guests should pay the bill using QR codes or using UPI or wallets like phone pay or paytm
16. Minimum cash should be handled
17. Bar runners should sanitize the table , chairs and door knobs every 30 minutes.
18. All guest must adhere to social distancing and following the protocols of hygiene, failing to which could lead to refusal of service, insubordination or violent behaviours would be reported to security

Sometime you have to miss to be missed….shipra

We have so many people who we feel they are very important for us but the expression is not the same everytime from the other side. Your availability makes people to think that you are always there so they don’t give you that much importance .This never change theirs attitude towards you but you can feel the emotions inside you.It goes same with the suggestion if you suggest something to a person free of cost it is not so important to them on the otherside they give importance to the suggestion in exchange of some cost. Another example if you do extra work at your workplace after some time your so called extra work becomes your duty and because you are easily available you will tend to get more extra work as compared to other colleague in the office and less importance too .So to gain importance you first need to give importance to yourself this is the biggest mistake we do we give importance to work,family,friends  but we forgot to give importance to ourself.

So please give importance to urself first….its very necessary…

That’s why I quoted

Sometime you have to  MISS to be MISSED…

Heros of bhopal

In the present circumstance, the nation world is battling with the worldwide pandemic crown emergency. The expanding number of crown taints in the state has likewise put the organization and overall population stressed. In spite of this, the administration framework is attempting to vanquish Corona with full power under unfriendly conditions. Three high ranking representatives of the capital Bhopal, Collector Tarun Pithode, DIG Irshad Wali and Municipal Corporation Commissioner Vijay Dutta, are in the battleground against Corona day and night. The coordination between these officials is solid to such an extent that during the across the country resistance of the CAA and the Ram Mandir decision, it didn’t permit even a stone to be tossed in a packed region like Bhopal. Presently the three officials are endeavoring to get Bhopal out of the Corona emergency. Following the across the country lock-down was declared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 24, the three officials have started to lead the pack alongside their particular groups. Gatherer Tarun Pithode remains in the field himself from morning till night. So also, DIG Irshad Wali watches himself around evening time and continues empowering his group. They do whatever it takes not to disregard the lockdown at all. The 24-hour police headquarters is positioned at the focuses made in the capital. Thus, Bhopal has not abused the lockdown at all yet. Metropolitan magistrate Vijay Dutta is working with his group to gracefully vegetables, milk and proportion to the individuals from water flexibly to the settlements, sterilizing and cleaning the city. Interestingly, all the three officials are holding a front with their own group. The individuals of Bhopal believe themselves to be the saints of Bhopal, leaving every one of their families for 24 hours and helping the individuals of Bhopal.

This in not the first time they are working all together day and night.We salute them and their team for their difficult work,enthusiasm,  intelligence and support.

Thank you so much …..

Irfan khanji “The Legend “

From a common man to an Artist to a star Sometime you don’t have words to communicate the inclination yet you realize that he isn’t there and he will be their in our recollections forever.Without any introduction the Gem ,the Legend ,the Actor,the Creator of his life the unrivaled one Irfan Khanji.I never meet him but the eyes are wet & want to see him for the last time.The battle he had is striking. He talks with eyes,emote with heart that is the reason we stand by just for his entrance and after that you realize that you won’t watch the film now you will feel it.Simple man with no attitude makes him the best person .Still not feeling like that he isn’t with us.The love from a typical individual to you Irfanji can be seen  every where.Many of us don’t want to accept this news but……

I pray to the God that you will find peace hereafter however the main whine is you left too early sir.A enormous salute to you.

Irfan sir you was one of us maybe that is the reason this misfortune feels so close.

Miss you sir……

Think and smile

I am happy that rivers are clean,I am happy that the air I am breathing is not polluted, I am happy I can listen to birds clearly now,  I am happy I can see the stars clearly from home,I am happy the families after years are together, I am happy their is zero percent crime rate in the world,I am happy people are helping each other , I am happy people are talking about immunity and health,I am happy people are engaged in gardening and planting more tree, I am happy people are respecting their  food, I am happy the world is now one home they are helping each other to grow ….

I know I am not happy that some people still not understanding the nature took a break from humans to restore herself ,I know the people who we lost is loss for life time it’s the time to pray ,to know urself to give children the values ,to corporate with the government to takecare of yourself and your family (family means the world) we can stay back home and think about the moral values .. it’s in your hand now how you will make the world as better tomorrow…..

India after lockdown

We all know it’s a very difficult time for the world ,but as we all are praying to get out of this situation. When the Corona Virus finally exhausts itself and the danger will be over, we will be there in different world what we had was never going to come back but what we have is true blessing from the God. SOlet’s do something good for our country. Let’s not do competition to the world or to each other let’s contribute to our nation so that we will be back on the tracks again.Let’s spend our holidays in India, eat in local restaurants, buy local meats and veggies , buy clothes and shoes from indian brands and support local businesses. These businesses are going to find it very difficult to get back on their feet and survive without our help. They’re suffering badly right now. Let’s do our bit in helping each other stand and grow again. God bless India. Contribution is the only solution.
Jai Hind.

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