Travel Photography

This type of photography is generally used for showcasing the beauty or important features of specific locations. This is one of the most exciting types of photography as photographers can enjoy the life and culture of different locations while capturing the images with their camera.

Still Life Photography

Still life photography is best defined as the art of clicking pictures of immovable subjects. This forms a broad spectrum as it includes various other genres of photography including flower and food photography in addition to pictures of animals and people as well.

Panoramic Photography

Also known as wide format photography, the panoramic photography is used to capture images with an elongated field of view. Multiple pictures are first clicked with the help of an appropriate camera and then edited with the help of special software to align them together to create a fascinating picture.

Night Photography

Contrary to what most people think, night presents and unique beauty and challenge for photographers. Night photography not only offers n entirely different perspective of things but also provides a great depth of colors that further enhances the magic and mystery of clicking images at night.

Nature Photography

Natural photography comprises of pictures of nature as viewed from the eyes of the photographer. Contrary to what many people believe, nature photography is not only restricted to capturing the images of trees and plants, but rather includes any outdoor natural aspect including hills, water bodies and even the sky.

Mobile Photography

This genre of photography came into existence when cameras were first integrated into mobile phones. Today it is one of the most popular types of photography especially in view of the fact that mobile phone cameras today offer the precision and clarity of professional equipment.

Hi Speed Photography

High speed photography is the art of capturing the images of events that take place at a rapid pace. It is an extremely exciting and somewhat complicated type of photography that enables photographers to depict the very fast phenomenon one frame at a time and thus highlight their beauty

HDR Photography

HDR photography is one of the most creative types of photography and requires extreme skill on part of the photographers. It is created by blending three different types of pictures into a single picture that highlights the amazing contrast of the individual images to create a truly appealing look.

Forced Perspective Photography

This type of photography uses optical illusion to make an object look closer or farther or bigger or smaller than it actually is. The photography manipulates the visual perception of human eye to create fun images that easily attract viewers besides conveying important information in some cases.

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