Promoting Awareness :Plant Distribution and Traffic Rules Advocacy Event

At 28th of April 2024 we went among the people and explained to them how important a small thing can make a difference. Recent event at M.P Nagar Bhopal was a small step towards a bigger cause-preserving our environment and protecting our feathered friends. We were thrilled to see the community come together and take action towards a greener and cleaner future.

An awareness event was organized at Jyoti talkies police chowki ,focusing on the importance of environmental conservation and importance of traffic rules.

The event was graced by distinguished guests, including Shri Sanjay Kumar Singh, DCP Traffic Bhopal, Shri Vikram Raghuvanshi, ADDL DCP Traffic South, and Mrs. Milan Jain, Asst CP Traffic Zone 2, who lent their expertise to advocate for these crucial issues.

Their presence added a special grace  to the event, emphasizing the significance of respecting traffic regulations and the importance of saving water and planting trees. Alongside them, Devendra Dubay, Shibani Gosh, Deepak Saxena, Sonam Chhatwani, K.K Agrawal, Amrita Tripathi, and Shipra Tiwari provided valuable insights, enriching the program with their contributions.

The event was not possible without Chief Traffic warden Sanjay Somani, social activist and anchor Kritika Gupta and community server Mayank Nema who thought the event and make it possible.

Attendees were reminded of the importance of each individual action preserving the environment and maintaining road safety . With 15 to 20 minutes to spare, participants were actively involved in spreading awareness and making a positive impact on their surroundings. In this event we realized and learned how important every step of every individual is, and we will have to try  that our future generation realizes that animals, plants, birds are equally important for us and obeying traffic rules is as important as our own life.

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