A perfect Week End

Do you also wait for the weekend ? Waiting eagerly for Saturday and Sunday .. You work  so hard so you can spend your time with yourself and with your dear one. But weekends are like sand in your hand .oops the day starts like you start cleaning home ,washing clothes etc . So where is the perfect weekend? Oh! My dream weekend which was their in my thoughts full week and nothing happened.


If you are suffering with the same problem   here are some tips to help you out…taddaaaa!!!!!

1. Book an appointment

You can book a ticket  using  the site like book my show and others to attend  events near by you so you can enjoy yourself and you can spare yourself dragging into regular routine work.

2. The bucket list

If you remember to do something on the weekend just write it in your bucket list so their will be no confusion  and you will do the things at least you planned.

3. Its your MEE time

Enjoy eating, reading, watching tv, listening to music and just relax.

4. Its your knowledge time

Take  some online classes to increase your knowledge for better future.

5. U will also like

If you are busy Monday to Friday with regular office, school or college you can also spend your time with your parents (love to talk to them)

Go on walk with your friends it will definitely charge you up

You can also spend time for your fitness at home like few exercises  ,yoga and catch up with peace with some meditation.
If you have pets spend your time with your pet.

Play some online games and indulged your self in some gaming mood .but but but only for few hours.E

Everyone requires a pause to re- energize.People are working non stop,and as a result, they are utterly missing on the precious moments that life has to offer.So we don’t have to rush all of the time ;instead ,we may take a pause and rest.



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