Sometime you have to miss to be missed….shipra

We have so many people who we feel they are very important for us but the expression is not the same everytime from the other side. Your availability makes people to think that you are always there so they don’t give you that much importance .This never change theirs attitude towards you but you can feel the emotions inside you.It goes same with the suggestion if you suggest something to a person free of cost it is not so important to them on the otherside they give importance to the suggestion in exchange of some cost. Another example if you do extra work at your workplace after some time your so called extra work becomes your duty and because you are easily available you will tend to get more extra work as compared to other colleague in the office and less importance too .So to gain importance you first need to give importance to yourself this is the biggest mistake we do we give importance to work,family,friends  but we forgot to give importance to ourself.

So please give importance to urself first….its very necessary…

That’s why I quoted

Sometime you have to  MISS to be MISSED…

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