Covid 19 reopening Bar checklist

Covid 19 Points for Reopening Bar

Before entering the bar…..

1. All guest must sanitize their hands and thermal temperature should be taken with details like name and phone number.
2. A QR should be created, so that guest can select their choice of Drinks and snacks
3. No self service should be encouraged all the high sitting stools to be removed near the bar counter.
: At the bar

1. Either all cutleries and glassware should be replaced with eco friendly and bio decomposed paper.
2. If not all glassware , cutleries should be washed at 180 degree farhenite to kill the bacteria’s
3. Accompaniments like tomato ketchup should be available in sachets
4. Mixers like water, soda and cold drinks should be available at self disposing glasses
5. Limited choice of food and pre-plated food should be served to guest
6. All sitting areas inside the bar should be converted into standing tables ( less guest prefer standing)
7. All sitting areas should be moved to outside venues
8. No live performance of artist
9. Only two guest should be permitted at the Bar counter with proper marking.
10. Bar tender will sanitize the counter top using Pure or Oxivir or other standardized sanitizing materials
11. Minimum employees in the bar as well if it becomes necessary to clear the table, bar staff will wear proper PPE with mask ,shield and gloves.
12. Mask has to changed every two hours(not necessary)
13. Gloves after every service or clearing of tables
14. All garbage would be separated according to following: Yellow bins for food Blue for paper, plastic and unused cutleries( if we go with the options of bio degradable )Red for all empty bottles
15. Guests should pay the bill using QR codes or using UPI or wallets like phone pay or paytm
16. Minimum cash should be handled
17. Bar runners should sanitize the table , chairs and door knobs every 30 minutes.
18. All guest must adhere to social distancing and following the protocols of hygiene, failing to which could lead to refusal of service, insubordination or violent behaviours would be reported to security

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