Heros of bhopal

In the present circumstance, the nation world is battling with the worldwide pandemic crown emergency. The expanding number of crown taints in the state has likewise put the organization and overall population stressed. In spite of this, the administration framework is attempting to vanquish Corona with full power under unfriendly conditions. Three high ranking representatives of the capital Bhopal, Collector Tarun Pithode, DIG Irshad Wali and Municipal Corporation Commissioner Vijay Dutta, are in the battleground against Corona day and night. The coordination between these officials is solid to such an extent that during the across the country resistance of the CAA and the Ram Mandir decision, it didn’t permit even a stone to be tossed in a packed region like Bhopal. Presently the three officials are endeavoring to get Bhopal out of the Corona emergency. Following the across the country lock-down was declared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 24, the three officials have started to lead the pack alongside their particular groups. Gatherer Tarun Pithode remains in the field himself from morning till night. So also, DIG Irshad Wali watches himself around evening time and continues empowering his group. They do whatever it takes not to disregard the lockdown at all. The 24-hour police headquarters is positioned at the focuses made in the capital. Thus, Bhopal has not abused the lockdown at all yet. Metropolitan magistrate Vijay Dutta is working with his group to gracefully vegetables, milk and proportion to the individuals from water flexibly to the settlements, sterilizing and cleaning the city. Interestingly, all the three officials are holding a front with their own group. The individuals of Bhopal believe themselves to be the saints of Bhopal, leaving every one of their families for 24 hours and helping the individuals of Bhopal.

This in not the first time they are working all together day and night.We salute them and their team for their difficult work,enthusiasm,  intelligence and support.

Thank you so much …..

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