Think and smile

I am happy that rivers are clean,I am happy that the air I am breathing is not polluted, I am happy I can listen to birds clearly now,  I am happy I can see the stars clearly from home,I am happy the families after years are together, I am happy their is zero percent crime rate in the world,I am happy people are helping each other , I am happy people are talking about immunity and health,I am happy people are engaged in gardening and planting more tree, I am happy people are respecting their  food, I am happy the world is now one home they are helping each other to grow ….

I know I am not happy that some people still not understanding the nature took a break from humans to restore herself ,I know the people who we lost is loss for life time it’s the time to pray ,to know urself to give children the values ,to corporate with the government to takecare of yourself and your family (family means the world) we can stay back home and think about the moral values .. it’s in your hand now how you will make the world as better tomorrow…..

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