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This is an internet age as we all know. Humans are replaced by computers and mobile. we are not living in the social practical world but we are living in our social virtual world. we don’t talk we like to message the person sitting just infront of us.our Mind is not in the state to hear the voice of birds,river,rain,clouds and so on….
We use to put all are memories in our computer and mobile…. When the computer/Mobile is full of data and the computer becomes slow and you can’t work on it you just clean some unused data and start working and some will clear the whole data so the mobile/computer work as it is new… similarly we have so many good and bad impression in our life…we use to collect all the data in our mind and our mind stop responding and our life becomes slow,dull and stagnant…so our life should be like a river flow forward without any impression of past …..carrying only good thing forward.
So you should delete all the past impressions collect only good memories empty yourself from worries smile and live your life to the fullest….surrender all your negative thoughts carry yourself with all good memories and positivity…..love your life and love your self…. takecare

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