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Respect Lasts Forever

We love to be popular… We always want that everyone admire us. In social world we perform so many things to be popular.. Everyone loves to be recognized….We have Facebook whatsapp so many social electronic world where our virtual image is working… we run for likes on a photo or a status to be liked… with this popularity we want money too… people say money is not everything but I say money is something that can transform the whole life….in the present world it is easy to gain people’s attraction with money!!!! so what is important money which gives you popularity and recognition or popularity which gives you money??

Popularity and money ends Day by Day… every popular place is replaced by a very popular face…. its not eternal we all know that it will finish or the graph will come down one day.

Next comes the respect “do people respect you from their heart or they respect you for your position?? I think people respect you for the position you are working if you are on a higher post you are always right as they say – “the boss is always right” do you all think that the boss is always right I hope I will have the answer in the comment box…. So it is very difficult to find between popularity,fame,reorganization,money and respect you can’t choose one or two…
You need to work on to earn these things because when you will earn respect,money,success,popularity u will always respect it and it is very important that you should respect urself, It will be always there with you after your life too…so try to earn things…. I believe “one should always respect things which he/she can’t do…for example :-a cleaner who cleans the road should be respected because I can’t clean it every morning… A farmer should be respected because I can’t go to farms daily to grow veggies…
So give respect to earn respect
We work to earn money.“It is better to be respected than it is to be popular. Popularity ends on yearbook day, but respect lasts forever……

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