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We use to fail in my circumstances we always hate our failures we think we never overcome our failures….we feel like world is over our life is over…. with the word “Failure” we alI think its a negative word nobody should see that but is it true! Today I feel failure is a positive word…Our heart works till the end… its works for us a failure can’t take our beautiful dreams, wonderful skill and my feelings away from myself.Every failure after a time being change into stupidity you think how stupid I could be? A race in our school …..failure,cry, does its failure matters to you now so how a particular failure can effect you….Failures always comes with the second chance And if its there continuously in your life my dear you are not on the right path….Work for yourself and love youself will help you to avoid your failures….
A bad day is gone a new day is arrived…I can purely understand that a day can change and effect you Life but your heart is there working for you your breath your brain…we are missing you and your soul… If you fail any where in terms of professional or personal life close your Eye take a deep breath place your hand on your heart…now feel that? That’s called purpose you are alive for a reason
Don’t give up…..you are the Most Beautiful things God has created don’t give up…..love the failure for a better result and a second chance…..

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