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Don’t worry be happy

We are humans we are full of different emotions.Each emotion is important. Happiness,Sadness are the parts of life.If you have a similar emotion it is like a straight line and we all know if we have a straight line of our heart we will be dead.when you are not up you can’t fall down….and if you fallen down you always have a chance to go up..this is life!!  But in present days happiness is less and worry is more…we are worrying in most of the situation we are not focusing on the solution or the worst out come of that problems we just worry about everything. We don’t have time for so many things but we have sufficient time to WORRY…
WORRY is the fear that is not 90% present… we are actually thinking and pretending the outcome which is not actually there…thinking about the problem which is not there, thinking and thinking and thinking!
Don’t think just do what u always want to do and be Happy

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