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Dance is in my veins

When a person starts dancing , they will never remember when they started it.I am surprised when people say that they started dancing in 5 years and so on…… when we open our eyes in this whole world everything is rhythmical like some chemical loocha!! Most of the children move their body according to the music ? How it is possible ?It is due to the sense, genetic no because Dancing is God Gift …..Anybody can dance and its true examples we can only experience in INDIA.Every occasion we celebrate its include dancing.Its wedding or birthday party dance is the important part.Its not the BODY DANCING not the MIND but the soul.When you are happy you love to dance,when you are sad you dance to know your self ….So we can say dancing is the method to know our soul the person we are from inside.When you close your eyes you are alone you play the music and dance like nobody is there its the time when you Dance just for you .
Dance with the soul with the heart and the body the feeling you get is not dancing that is something you can say your own expression of Dance.
There are so many persons who like to dance for fame popularity but there are infinity of dancers who dance just to dance.
Everybody can not be famous but if you stopped dancing because nobody is watching you ……please start dancing again because you are watching yourself and you know what you can do what anybody else can not….

So put on your dancing shoes and starts DANCING because someday with you the whole world will DANCE


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