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This is an internet age as we all know. Humans are replaced by computers and mobile. we are not living in the social practical world but we are living in our social virtual world. we don’t talk we like to message the person sitting just infront of us.our Mind is not in the state to hear the voice of birds,river,rain,clouds and so on….
We use to put all are memories in our computer and mobile…. When the computer/Mobile is full of data and the computer becomes slow and y....
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We use to fail in my circumstances we always hate our failures we think we never overcome our failures….we feel like world is over our life is over…. with the word “Failure” we alI think its a negative word nobody should see that but is it true! Today I feel failure is a positive word…Our heart works till the end… its works for us a failure can’t take our beautiful dreams, wonderful skill and my feelings away from myself.Every failure after a time ....
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Respect Lasts Forever

We love to be popular… We always want that everyone admire us. In social world we perform so many things to be popular.. Everyone loves to be recognized….We have Facebook whatsapp so many social electronic world where our virtual image is working… we run for likes on a photo or a status to be liked… with this popularity we want money too… people say money is not everything but I say money is something that can transform the whole life….in the present world....
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Train your mind

Need a peaceful surrounding, a peaceful mind….in the evening when I sit alone for sometimes I feel that all the things happened to me today is running through my mind… And I think about my work, personal,assume some stupidity…. cry,laugh….
This happen,to most of the people.. We try to come out of a situation but can’t our mind stuck there…. when we woke up in the morning again with the same thoughts….we need to relax close our eye and ask oursel....
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Don’t worry be happy

We are humans we are full of different emotions.Each emotion is important. Happiness,Sadness are the parts of life.If you have a similar emotion it is like a straight line and we all know if we have a straight line of our heart we will be dead.when you are not up you can’t fall down….and if you fallen down you always have a chance to go up..this is life!!  But in present days happiness is less and worry is more…we are worrying in most of the situation we are not focusing on....
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You are born again every morning. What you do today is what matters most.

Every night is a blessing and every morning is a hope .In morning when we open our eyes its a gift from GOD.Just try to think when we are sleeping how we breath? how our heart pumps? Its a gift from GOD .He gives you these gift because you can wake up next day .Isn’t its a miracle !! we think our mind control our body but what about our mind who controls our mind ? It is controlled by GOD .He gives you the gift of morning to work to play to love to help ..he gives you one more chance s....
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Dance is in my veins

When a person starts dancing , they will never remember when they started it.I am surprised when people say that they started dancing in 5 years and so on…… when we open our eyes in this whole world everything is rhythmical like some chemical loocha!! Most of the children move their body according to the music ? How it is possible ?It is due to the sense, genetic no because Dancing is God Gift …..Anybody can dance and its true examples we can only experience ....
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